German Senior Citizens League (DSL)



The German Senior Citizens League represents the interests of the fastest growing population group. In 2050 half of all Germans will be older than 48 and a third will be 60 or older. Today, already 30 million people in the Germany are older than 50.

Elder people today are more vital, healthy, committed and confident than ever. Conscious planning of retirement, voluntary work and health-consciousness are a matter of course to their self-image. This development, however, hasn't sufficiently been taken into account by the public or the media. One reason for this lies in the understanding of "old". The increase in life expectancy and improved health are not taken into consideration, the established perception of age limitations still persevere. Through their work the German Senior Citizens League contributes to a societal image that represents the reality of age.

No country can afford to permanently forego the creative power of the fastest growing portion of its population. With their every-day work, through continuous nationwide publications and with projects and collaborations the German Senior Citizens League therefore stands up for a partnership between the generations. It is unrealistic to believe that state and politics can overcome the problems of rapid demographic change alone.

Since 1993, as an interest group and together with strong partners, the German Senior Citizens League has consistently been giving a clear voice to the need of elder people for social, economic, cultural and political participation. True to the association's purpose of the "[...] development, promotion and implementation of projects and measures that are designed and suitable to preserve and strengthen both the individual quality of life of elder people and their societal concerns and options, as valued, equal and self-determined fellow citizens", the German Senior Citizens League is recognized as a charitable non-profit organization since 1994.

Societal participation

The German Senior Citizens League does not receive or require public funding to finance its current operations. They take influence on media, economy, society and politics. Through press releases and articles in radio, television and online media, they participate in the political and public debate. Members and interested parties will receive expert advice in individual health, economic, medical and every-day practical concerns. Where they cannot assist themselves, the German Senior Citizens League organizes and coordinates competent support by other parties.

International network

At the European and international level also, the German Senior Citizens League is committed to support opportunities and requirements for active and healthy ageing. Among others these include our annual participation in the "World Demographic & Ageing Forum" in St. Gallen, Switzerland and professional exchange with the American organization AARP.

The German Senior Citizens League campaigns for the rights of those who are in need of help and care and oppose any form of age discrimination.

The German Senior Citizens League works centrally, located in Bonn. They support established contacts, such as senior citizens' offices, doctors, pharmacists and other care professions, as well as representatives of health- and long-term care insurances. The association regularly realizes studies and surveys on topics relevant to an aging society.